We provide our services on site or from our offices through 3 different delivery models:

At the core of our IT services is our offering for Staff Augmentation which can help you strike a perfect balance between project progress and cost-effectiveness. Build your team up and down with ease based on the current development needs. We help you avoid costly and lengthy recruitment processes and the paperwork hassle of on-site hiring.


  • Access to experiences professionals
  • Add extra hands for your existing projects
  • Reduce costs, not the quality
  • Focus on the skills you need the most
  • Boosted flexibility saves time and money

When our customers require not only extra hands, we created our PMO services: from reporting project/program status to upper management, developing and implementing a standard project management methodology, providing mentoring for project managers, managing one or more portfolios.


  • Business Process Mapping
  • Identification and Implementation of Best Practices
  • Enabled Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
  • Improved Business Metrics
  • Team Empowering and Accountability
  • Improved Communications
  • Improved Operations Capability
  • Governance

We offer turnkey projects with a defined scope of work and budget to maximize certainty for your business.

This approach allows you to have a defined project, while acquiring the support of working with a specialized team with the capacity, process discipline and select talent to always meet your needs.


  • Predictability in budgets and delivery dates
  • Visibility and control throughout the project lifecycle
  • The projects are executed with multidisciplinary teams